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blocked-sinkAs well as clearing blocked drains and guttering, we also offer a general plumbing service. If you have a leaky tap, a pipe that is dripping, a blocked sink, then we can help – and we offer great rates. We can assist with most types of domestic or business plumbing emergencies, ask for a free quote.

Blocked drain clearing services, damaged drains, emergency plumbing service, Cardiff, Newport and South Wales Valleys

Cardiff Drain Clearing Services – we are here to help

Blocked drains, drain clearing and repairs, underground foul and storm pipes, manholes, soil and vent pipes, blocked kitchen and bathroom pipes, blocked rain water pipes, blocked guttering, flood prevention, emergency plumbing callout service – pipes, baths, toilets, sinks, taps and showers. CCTV to detect underground drainage problems … across Cardiff and South Wales.

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DON’T RISK A FLOOD! Many people across Great Britain have been shocked to find a wall of water entering their homes, the damage extensive, the insurance companies taking years to pay out. Those floods were often down to rainfall and river courses, but were made worse by blocked drains, drains that had not been inspected for many years and had become clogged with leaves and mud. Don’t take the risk – have a drain inspection if you are worried.

  • No call out charge
  • Free quotes
  • Free site inspections
  • All work guaranteed
  • Public liability insurance
  • Charges, £50 for typical unblock
  • No VAT

Fallen leaves and the accumulation of mud can soon cause a drain to be blocked, and when it rains hard (as it always does) then you could experience a flood at your home or at your business.

Regular inspection is a good idea, and if your drain backs up it’s a good idea to have it cleared before the next torrential downpour. The cost of an inspection and clearance may only be £50, but the cost of flood damage may be tens of thousands.



We have a great many years experience of clearing blocks drains of all types, and our staff have previously worked for national chains of drain clearers or in similar industries.

Our vans carry all of the required specialist equipment to clear a blocked drain, and to put your mind at ease.


Household guttering

Guttering can often fill with leaves, dirt and debris, and can back-up and cause an overflow, water running down walls or even entering homes.

We come equipped with ladders and suitable equipment to quickly examine and un-block guttering at homes, schools or business premises.



Blocked guttering can also collapse under its own weight, so save yourself that cost and have an inspection made when you see water backing up.



Specialist CCTV equipment

Our vans come equipped with specialist cameras for use inspecting drains, our staff skilled in their use.

We can disagnose a problem, such as a particular type of blockage, and either clear the blockage or recommend a course of action.

It may be a simple case of debris in the drain, or a collapsed drain that needs repair work. That can mean digging up the area around the drain and replacing the pipping itself.


Here a mop head was lodge in a drain after a lady had been wrongly advised on how to clear the blocked drain.


We cleared the drain for the lady, drama over, and all done within an hour of the callout.

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Email: info@cardiff-drain-clearing.co.uk


Email: info@cardiff-drain-clearing.co.uk

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Blocked drain clearance services, damaged drains, drain cleaning, emergency plumbing service, Cardiff, Newport, Barry, Caerphilly, Bedwas and South Wales