Drain Clearing – Best Time to Maintain

blocked-sinkDrain Cleaning – The best time is?

While it is most effective to clean the drain pipes (or have them cleaned) during the winter season, this is also the most practical period, because the plots are usually fallow currently of year. There is generally also more time available for the farmer or contractor to carry out this work.

When is it most effective?

For the cleaning to have optimal effect, the ground water must be at the level of the drain pipes or slightly higher. The drainage of water during the winter season makes cleaning even more effective. Moreover, the higher groundwater level during this season means that the soil immediately surrounding the drain pipe is not completely dry. This minimizes the risk that soil particles will be washed into the pipe again.

Which time of the year is the best time to clean drain pipes?

unknownThe best time to clear out drain pipes, by far, is in the autumn and winter. But when it becomes apparent, during periods of heavy downpours in other seasons, that the pipes are not draining the water as they should, it is naturally important to tackle the problem straight away.

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